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At Vig Visa Consultants, we understand the significance of accurate and up-to-date identification documents. Whether you require a US passport, California ID/license copy with your current address, a naturalization certificate, Indian passport copy, surrender certificate, or passport size photos, we are here to provide you with a seamless and efficient service.

US Passport: Obtaining a US passport is essential for international travel and proof of citizenship. Our team of experts at Vig Visa Consultants will guide you through the application process, ensuring that you meet all the necessary requirements and that your application is completed accurately and swiftly.

California ID/License Copy with Current Address: Having a valid ID or driver's license with your current address is crucial for various legal and administrative purposes. At Vig Visa Consultants, we assist you in obtaining a California ID or license copy, updating your address details, and ensuring that your documentation is up to date.

Naturalization Certificate: If you have recently become a naturalized US citizen, obtaining a naturalization certificate is crucial for proving your citizenship status. Our dedicated professionals at Vig Visa Consultants will assist you in acquiring this essential document, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Indian Passport Copy: For individuals with Indian citizenship, having a copy of their Indian passport is often necessary for various reasons, including legal matters or travel requirements. Vig Visa Consultants offers reliable services to help you obtain a copy of your Indian passport quickly and conveniently.

Surrender Certificate: If you have recently renounced your Indian citizenship and acquired another nationality, obtaining a surrender certificate is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. At Vig Visa Consultants, our experts will assist you in acquiring this certificate, ensuring that you comply with all necessary procedures and requirements.

Passport Size Photos: We also provide high-quality passport size photos that meet the specific requirements of various official documents and applications. Our professional photographers at Vig Visa Consultants ensure that your photos adhere to the necessary guidelines, guaranteeing their acceptance.

At Vig Visa Consultants, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to deliver exceptional service at every step. Our team of experienced professionals will handle your documentation needs with care, accuracy, and efficiency, saving you valuable time and effort.

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